Turn, Think, Tell

Turn, Think, Tell

Written by Wendy Francis

Illustrated by Joy Weatherall

The God-given right of children to their innocence is fast becoming a casualty of our post-modern, digital age.

While children are in the care of a loving parent or guardian it is possible, to a large extent, to shield them from violent or sexually explicit material. But outside the relative safety of home they are often confronted with inappropriate imagery and messaging – while travelling, shopping, visiting friends or even at school, on public billboards, shopfront windows, mobile phones, tablets, magazines, music videos or TV.

It is important to be proactive in preparing children before they are exposed to this kind of content. We know that while parents and guardians can teach their children, pray for them and put them on the right path, ultimately a person’s character lies in their own choices. Because of this, it is vital that children are taught while they are still young how to make good choices for themselves in terms of what they allow inside their minds.

Children naturally trust their parent or guardian to want what is best for them. A wise adult will use that trust to equip the children in their care with the information they need to make good choices and instill in them a conscience that will help save them from a pathway that can lead to a lifetime of grief and regret. My hope is that this book will help you to teach children from a young age what it is to guard their eyes and minds from material that hurts them and that can cause lasting damage in their future lives.

I have suggested three simple choices starting with the letter T to make them easier to remember. Turn, Think, Tell.

But it’s not only children who would benefit from these steps!